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Welcome to Menion.Net

Menion.Net is a site for visitors to improve their financial understandings. Menion.Net offers an abundance of financial content, from articles, different financial terms, tutorials videos and frequently asked questions. Visitors can get the latest financial news here at our site and tips on investment. Users can register for free and practice their investing skills with $100,000 of virtual cash in either the stock market or fast paced foreign exchange market. Visitors can go to the market information to search the different types of stock using the search tools provided.

Menion.Net constantly update to bring you the top financial news around the world. Other than the latest financal news that could be found here, we also do provide different tips on both financial and investments. Base on the latest financial news provided by us, this could give the investor a better idea on what to invest. Good and bad news will give a large impact against the market and some even affect the differnt currencies. Therefore after knowing the news, how will you react?

Menion.Net will continue to expand as new contents and tools are going to be added to cater all the financial audiences. Please enjoy the site and give some feedback by using your facebook account or at the comment page. Upon receiving the feedback, Menion.Net will work towards your different feedback and improve our site to enhance experience to the visitors.